Central Florida Samoyed Rescue is pleased to be associated with PartyLite as a "year round" Fund Raiser to save another smiling Samoyed and find them a new forever loving home.

Please have a look at all the quality products below from PartyLite.

Won't you help by placing a PartyLite order to support Samoyed Rescue?

Orders are placed the last day of each month.         

Please email FLRescueSams@aol.com with your order today.

We do accept PayPal.  Shipping not included in the prices listed.

50% of purchase price goes to support Central Florida Samoyed Rescue a registered 501C3 organization.

Celebrating over 35 Years of Quality Candles and Home Accents.
    Votive Samplers $22 per set
  • PartyLite votives are designed to liquefy and release fragrance quickly
  • Fragrance provides eight to 11 hours of enjoyment
  • Each set includes a holder and 12 votives in two different scents
    Mini Barrel Jars $22 per pair
  • Mini Barrel Jars are perfect for any room
  • Enjoy up to 35 hours of fragrance
  • Each set includes two Mini Barrel Jars in a different scent
  • They're reusable!
    Tealight Sets $22 per set
  • Designed to liquefy in a recyclable cup
  • Provides four to six hours of enjoyment
  • Each set includes a holder and 18 tealights
    Two Sisters Gourmet® by PartyLite® $10-$11
 Add a tempting twist to recipes with:
  • Over-the-Edge Herbed Spinach® Blend, $10
  • Outrageously Garlic® Blend, $10
  • Mango Peach Salsa, $11
    Simply Lavender™ Sachets $15 per set
  • Sachets are filled with real lavender buds
  • Provides all the freshness you need for your closets, drawers and linens
  • Each set includes three sachets
    Air Fresheners $10 per set
  • Each set includes three popular fragrances
  • Sure to refresh any small space whether it's a car, gym locker, office or closet


    PartyLite Soap Gift Set $15 per set
  • Each set includes three bars in different fragrances
  • Will leave you feeling clean and refreshed
  • Great gift idea!


Votive Samplers (6 votives of each fragrance, two fragrances per sampler):  Mangosteen Splash & Tropical Waterfall, Apple Orchard & Black Raspberry, Well Being Balance & Tamboti Safari
Tealight Sets (18 tealights, one fragrance per set):  French Vanilla, Ambience, Strawberry Fields
Mini Barrel Jar Sets (two fragrances per set):  Apricot Daisy & Bamboo Mist, Honeydew & Grapefruit Fresh, Well Being Balance & Essence of Lavender. 

The brochure mentions that the jars can be used to hold votives or tealights after the wax is consumed, but they are also food-safe and after being washed can be used to hold food like mini-candy dishes or party favors.  They can also be used to hold various other things like paper clips, rubber bands, etc. 

In addition, the Soap Gift Set and Air Fresheners also have three fragrances each, but it is all one set with no options or choices.  The three fragrances in the Soap Set are Calm Waters, Coconut Cove, and Strawberry Rhubarb and the three fragrances in the Air Fresheners are Tamboti Safari, Ginger Pumpkin, and Apple Orchard.